October 21, 1946 - February 4, 2009

Memorials can be made in Lux's honor to Bestfriends.org - Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

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New Kid Congo Powers
interview in Bubblegum Slut zine #36


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How To Make A Monster
Vengeance - VENGEANCE 677
Displaying their disdain for the myth of musical progress, The CRAMPS reach back into the clammy womb of their prehistoric past to release HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER, a 2- disc 143 minute frightfest of previously unreleased rare tracks. Thrill to 1st ever rehearsals featuring Bryan Gregory's sister on drums and Lux Interior ripping out a guitar solo! Wonder what substance they abused during a 1982 rehearsal as they stumble through "Rumble Blues" and add an apocalyptic twist to "Lonesome Town". You'll actually hear a dope deal going on in the background during their 3rd ever live gig at Max's Kansas City! All this and more! Stupefying! Includes book with extensive liner notes by Lux and Ivy, themselves, and rare and unseen photos and flyers from their personal collection. All material previously unreleased. 1982 studio demos with the GUN CLUB's Terry Graham on drums. 3rd ever live gig at Max's Kansas City with relentless hecklers. 1 year later live at CBGB with shrieking chaos (not the name of a band). Global ad campaign in magazines/fanzines. Lotsa press coverage in international publications. Lotsa posters/promos for retail.

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It's here!!! The Cramps official website!

Check out this great interview with Lux & Ivy on Fool's Paradise with Rex of WFMU conducted on October 23, 2004. If you like it, please support this listener supported station by making a donation to WFMU.

Here's a little Crampy Holiday wish from Lux & Ivy.
Comes from an article that was in Bust magazine Dec-Jan 2005.

Latest Studio Releases!!!

Big Black Witchcraft Rock b/w Butcher Pete

Fiends of Dope Island


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Newly re-mastered 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Edition

The Cramps have revived their own Vengeance label and reissued six of their albums. These are being reissued on colored vinyl and as CDs with extra tracks. Check this ad out for more info.
Vengeance Records

These pages are dedicated to my favorite band the Cramps. I am trying to not duplicate what's already been done on the web, but there may be some overlap. The song titles of the bootlegs are shown as they are actually listed on the label or sleeve. I don't recommend throwing your money away on these things unless you already have all the Cramps legitimate stuff. The information comes from pieces in my personal collection and from the following sources:

The Cramps A Cramps Discography

The Cramps - conceived, laid out, and edited by Lindsay Hutton in 1985. This and it's companion discography are particularly good book/fanzine things. The fanzine contains reprints of numerous early articles and photos. To quote Lindsay, "The Cramps were, and still could be, the most emotive rock 'n' roll force this planet has or will ever spawn." No shit!

Wild Wild World Of The Cramps

The Wild Wild World Of The Cramps - By Ian Johnston, 1990. Another fine labor of love with many nice B&W photos of the Cramps.

Jolis Monstres - The Cramps The CrampsHere's a couple more books about The Cramps worth checking out. They are both written in French and the Jolis Monstres book is in Spanish also. Unfortunately I cannot read either. Each has about 100 pages of text. The one with Ivy on the cover is from 1989 and has several B&W photos. It is more difficult to find than the other, which is from 1995 and also has a lot of pictures.

Please Note: Items on the bootleg pages without graphics are not in my collection and I would like to trade for or purchase these. Also, I need any Legion Of The Cramped (LOTC) stuff and Rockin' Bones fanzine #'s 1-8 & 10. Please contact me rockndog@carrollsweb.com if you have any of this stuff.

7 Inch Bootlegs 12 Inch Bootlegs

Bootleg CDs Cramps Links

Press Release Photos & Postcards Cramps Posters

Cramps Past Tour Dates Cramps Tour Book LOTC

Miscellaneous Stuff

Cramps Links

Such Beautiful Gardens's Blogspot by Chuck Miller

Punk Turns 30 - Excellent Cramps and punk rock photos by Theresa K.

New York Night Train - Excellent profile of Kid Congo Powers

www.cramps.de - Very cool web site from a fan in Germany!

Creepy Insight - Used to have interviews with Mirriam Linna and Candy Del Mar here.

Music for Enjoyment - A very nice collection of album art!

Ben's Show Trade List - Great collection of live stuff!

Thank God... I'm Cramped - Yet another great site!

Underworld Babiese - Some rather interesting dolls here. She may even do one of Lux if you cast your vote.

Cramps Mania - A Japanese fan web site!

Helter Skelter - A 90 minute radio show tribute to THE CRAMPS focusing on the original line-ups (1977-1982) and including many bootlegs. Go to the Live section and the Specials. You'll need RealAudio to listen.

BOMP! Records

BOMP! Records - The greatest records, lowest prices, best service anywhere on the web -- your best source for indie releases, reissues, compilations, and more.

Dream - The Cramps - Tracks, a TV show in France. Plus a short video in RealMedia - "Domino".

Cramps Lyrics & Guitar Tablature A very cool site!!

1950s & 1960s Rock n
 Roll Movies & TV! - The VIDEO BEAT!
The VIDEO BEAT! specializes in rare 1950s & 1960s rock n roll, JD, hot rod, and teen movies, TV shows and documentaries. Known for their great quality and speedy service! Established in 1984.

Check out these photographic works by Mario Gazzola! And there's also an image of the invitation to the exhibit.

Mario Gazzola pic Mario Gazzola pic Mario Gazzola pic To contact Mario mgazzola@imageware.it

ANGELS OF VENGEANCE 666 The Cramps...Psychotic Reaction (Dedicated to Poison Ivy Rorschach, one of the ultimate Rock 'N' Roll Women), and to all the women entering this originally "Man's World". This site has lots of album covers and picture sleeve images!

Check out the SICKIDZ new CD!!

staysick - A list dedicated to discussing the works of the Cramps, as well as the members (past and present) side projects, tape/cd/video trading, concerts, news, etc. If it relates to Lux or Ivy or the Cramps, talk about it here.

Multimafia Gallery - Check out Martin's fabulous gallery!

1986 European Tour Photos

Look Mom No Head!

Cool photos of Lux from Slovenia

TheCramps.nl - This used to be "Cramp Stomp", but now taken over by someone in the Netherlands. Still one of the finest Cramps sites I've seen!

The Cramps on UBL

The Cramps iMusic Indie Showcase

- Good discography with some bootlegs.

Search & Destroy! - Awesome search engine for Punk-Fuckin'-Rock 'N' Roll related sites!!!

Punk's Not Dead

A documentary film.

Bands and Artists Web Site - A comprehensive link site.

File Under Sacred Music - by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard - The London premiere screening of File under Sacred Music will take place at a special event at the ICA on 13th June 2003. A series of screenings and events are currently being organised across the UK between June and December this year. Once details are confirmed, they will be announced at fileundersacredmusic.com. File Under Sacred Music - by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard - The London premiere screening of File under Sacred Music will take place at a special event at the ICA on 13th June 2003. A series of screenings and events are currently being organised across the UK between June and December this year. Once details are confirmed, they will be announced at fileundersacredmusic.com.

Stay Sick! by embyr
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